Tahis Pedroso Tellechea- Instructor

Ms. Tahis started the drama arts in 2005 in courses at the Escuelas Nacionales de Arte, Cuba's national art school. In 2008, she obtained her evaluation as a professional actress working in a professional theater company in Cuba. In 2013, she joined the company Dance-Theater Retazos under the direction of Isabel Bustos, as an actress and dancer. From there she began to teach contemporary dance and theater classes to children and young people in a project of the same company as well as the specific technique of the company's style that encompasses other ways to perform. Also she collaborated with Unicef in some dance projects. And danced and performed in some of the most important festivals within the Dance in Cuba. She gained experience and also participated in the organizational part. Ms. Tahis has danced in various performances in different branches of fine arts with theater, music, films, and dance, She also participated in festivals as a choreographer where she won prizes for her choreography. Also, she has danced in international festivals like Dance Days, Swansea, Wales with the memory wax company which is in Sweden, where she also taught workshops. Ms. Tahis is skilled in various dances such as: contemporary, modern, ballet, tribal, belly dance, Butoh dance, break dance, aerial dance, and capoeira.