Chrissy Mosley- Instructor

Miss Chrissy took her first ballet class around the age of 3, but became serious about dance in high school. She studied various styles including classical ballet/pointe and character under Madame Inesse Alexandrov of the Bolshoi Ballet. She also studied acrobatics and competed on her high school gymnastics team. In addition to dance and acro, Miss Chrissy is a musical theatre enthusiast and studied acting/theatre at various places, including Piven Theatre Workshop in Chicago. She was involved in voice lessons and choir and performed in many musicals in high school and around the community. Chrissy has a general BA from Western Illinois University where she performed with the University Dance Theatre and studied dance under Heidi Clemmens, Candace Winters-March, and Denise Brakefield. She started teaching in 2008 in Kalamazoo, MI where she also studied ballet and performed through the dance company. She moved to the Chicago area in 2009, where she taught various styles including Ballet, Modern, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Jazz, Tap, and tot classes. She attended conventions and teacher training classes through CNADM, she is certified through Acrobatic Arts, and has also taken courses through Lisa Howell, USAG, and Harkness Center for Dance Injuries. She is dedicated to safe, healthy dance instruction. Chrissy moved to Cape Coral in 2016 with her husband and children, and she is so happy to be joining Studio Elite.