Marvin Davis - Instructor

Marvin Davis has been dancing professionally for almost 8 years. His love for dance was fueled by a supportive family background. After bouncing around from a few other hobbies he began to take dance seriously as a high school freshman. Marvin attended Lehigh Senior High School Center of the Arts Academy where he began to hone his skills in the open studio. It wasn’t long before the Dance Department Director, Melissa Booth, approached him about joining the Center for Dance. Marvin was one of six male dancers in the entire dance department and he specialized in hip-hop with unique floor-work moves and fluid movements including break dancing and waving. Meanwhile, he also trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap. He then began attending Master Classes and took his first job teaching dance at a studio in Ft. Myers, FL. He taught multiple classes including an all-boys hip hop class.

Continuing his career and education as a dancer, Marvin joined a competition dance team and attended conventions such as iHollywood, Bravo, Monsters of Hip Hop, and more. He also took classes at Footnotes Dance Studio and studied by taking master classes as well.

Flash forward a few years and Marvin feels he has found his home at Studio Elite. Marvin is a fun-loving, high energy, bright spirited, caring, loving teacher who is always eager to bond with his students. He aims to provide a safe, comfortable, and encouraging environment for all his pupils.