Leaps/Flex/Turns & Technique

Leap, Flex, Turns: Four levels of leaps, flex, turns are offered to help dancers improve flexibility, leaps, and turns. Classes are leveled by age/ability. Dancers will work in center, at the barre, and across the floor to improve on their dance skills - this is a non-recital class to help give dancers an edge in their regular classes. We offer Turns5 levels of leaps flex turns, beginning with our Kidz Leaps/Flex/Turns for ages 5-7 through our level 4 aimed at our most advanced dancers.

Turns: For dancers needing to improve their turns, this class is for you. A 30 minute class focusing on different styles of turns.

Ballet Technique: Need a little more ballet? Want to learn ballet technique, but you don't want to perform in recital? This class is for you. This class will focus on the basics of ballet at its most technical level to improve your ballet skills and the technique needed for other dance subjects.